About Us
We are creative thinkers who are building the business to change the world

Our vision

We use technology to create the value from the ideas.

Our mission

We make business fun by giving boring stuff to computers.


There are no boring things for us
Everything can be learned
We strive  for perfection but do not shave the yak
Ask colleague for everything, we are friends

Meet the founders

Tomas Vaičiūnas
Co founder & COO
Tomas is an IT executive with 25 years of passion in software development and simracing.
David Lee
Co founder & CEO
David is a pharmacist turned digital strategist and entrepreneur. He embraces
change and where there is uncertainty, seeks opportunity.
Ruslanas Abdrachimovas
Co founder & CTO
Ruslanas has 20 year experience in software development and delivery. Focused on business model innovation and AI applications in business.

Nascent Works history

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