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Deploy intelligent machine learning applications
Benefit from an optimized on demand machine learning processing that will transform your applications into intelligent backers of your business.
Reduce time to market
Serverless and cloud deployments cuts infrastructure related effort time to a minimum and allows to focus development on business critical functionality from day one.
Cut infrastructure costs
Minimize spending on infrastructure development and maintenance required to run your applications. Optimize computing operations without increasing owned IT infrastructure footprint.

Protect your data
Benefit from security infrastructure best practices provided with cloud the environment and protect your data using the highest security standards.
Add flexibility​
Add additional application capacities or scale down as you go. Use optimized machine learning hardware on demand.
Improve service availability
Go global in a fortnight! Expand the reach and service quality delivery to specific geographic markets.

Technology Investment


We are developing an esports platform for sim racing community. The platform will simplify the hosting of racing leagues and tournaments, feature automatic race result collection and racer performance data tracking. The platform will include experimental in-game economy to foster relations between sponsors, teams, players and modding community.
The project is developed in partnership with RaceDepartment- the largest sim racing community in the world.

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Team projects

Web application for insurance products catalogue
This is public facing web application for insurance products catalogue for US market.
System includes, shopping card, registration, user analytics, client support, reporting, feedback.
Key design concepts - guided shopping experience, reduced overall steps to purchase, direct access options to all available products.
Workflow app for C2C sales
Workflow super app for C2C sales and contracting automation process.
System includes alerts, notifications, work flows, access hubs, quick links and integration with the 3rd parties.
More to that - the system will use AI for contract and invoice management.
It includes multi level system and plug-ins that help user add required functions and features without any programming skills.
Widget based application for pension plan products offering and preselection for business
The application is covering services all over the world which means system is supporting lot of different plans for different countries and languages. Front-end is fully customizable by client.
Shoes’ and event tickets’ lottery application
The application that supports shoes’ and event tickets’ lottery in US market. The system ensures fluent response for more than  one million participants for one raffle and prevent bot usage where ~70% of participants usually are bots.
AI powered HR Suite
HR Suite includes and combines different modules related to skills and compensation system both in market and organization.  The System lets to create objective salary appraisal system and individual career map according to market date as well competencies employee has.
The mobile platform which helps user add functions without programming skills
System includes compensation and benefits system, retirement plan, insurance platform with healthcare plan, providers and events; as well gamification (social feed, badges, challenges)  to make it more fun and attractive. It has AI recommendation module to keep the user from having to repeat information that has already been communicated Platform is using plug-ins that help user add required functions and features  without any  programming skills.

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